Spring 2014
Our website is undergoing revision in anticipation of a major announcement about the launch of our online play-action platform.

February is Collaboration Month, as we join forces with students, experts, and kindred spirits to develop platform infrastructure and initial script templates for crowd-sourced 'posplay' and (optional) competitive games.

Contact Positive Energy Power,, to assist with development projects, facilitate content production by non-profits, or to discuss suitable collaboration opportunities or initial calls for online content.
A Positive Alternatives Dimension of our own making, and where we stage a crowd-sourced Laugh and Learn to act out answers and serve up solutions about sustainability, conservation, preparedness, self-reliance and living brighter lives.
It may be easier to "BE The Change"
if we can first SEE our alternatives,
models, ideas and options for Change.

Design, Model, Test-Drive Change.
Our Future is UP TO US.  So is our NOW.
Let's Design, Model, and Test-Drive Change TOGETHER.